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Susana + CJ

Susana + CJ

Susana and CJ's dreamy vineyard wedding has truly enchanted us. (And it's not just the wine talking, I promise!) Guests traveled to the North Georgia mountains for this meaningful event. The ceremony took place in St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, while the reception was held at Kaya Vineyard. Susana was absolutely stunning in her lace trumpet gown, and her bridesmaids perfectly complimented her in their soft lilac gowns. Susana's dreamy bouquet from The Giving Bloom paired beautifully with her dress and the lush green vineyard. 

“I had many ideas for my wedding day, but a lot of ideas meant a lot of DIY projects. Some were crazy, others not so much, but Brittany encouraged me and helped all the way. I couldn’t have done it all without her help. Britt made me feel confident that at the end of the day everything would be perfect. The weather, the décor, the ambiance, it was all beautiful and exactly the way I pictured." - Susana

Vineyard Wedding Ideas

Each and every detail of the reception made for a memorable, heartwarming event. Guests were able to enjoy wine straight from the vineyard, but the beautiful sunset views really swept guests away. 

The sunsets at Kaya are stunning! We wanted to take pictures of the sunset so we planned to take them during dinner. The plan was to sneak out for 10 minutes while everyone was eating. However, everyone started running to the sunset to take pictures because it was so beautiful! All of a sudden we were all taking pictures and having a good time. It’s moments like that you can’t plan for but are so perfect! Britt still managed to follow our timeline and made sure that everything ran smoothly. Through the whole planning process she was friendly, sweet, and made feel relaxed. Thank you Britt for everything you did to make our wedding day so special!! - Susana

Thank you, Susana and CJ! Scroll on the see the lovely photos!!

Wedding Dress - Affordable Bridal Buford
Cake - Sweets by Leigh
Caterer - Talk of the Town
Florist - The Giving Bloom
Hair - Hair MD Salon
DJ - Club Rett
Photographer/Videographer - We are the Abrahams 
Venue - St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church and Kaya Vineyard and Winery