So your fiancee popped the question. YAY! Now it is time for you to do the same and ask your favorite girls to join your bridal party. Consider this a big deal, especially since they could be dishing out some money for your big day! It's easy to get creative and show the girls just how much they mean to you. Let's be real, it would mean a lot for them to accept this position! Being a bridesmaid is an honor but also a big job! Here are a few fun ways to say, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

Gift Box

Any bridesmaid would love a gift box full of bridesmaid and wedding day essentials. Make the box themed around your wedding and make it personal by writing a hand-written note to each girl.  


A new piece of jewelry is a GREAT way to get your friends excited about the wedding! This could be a personalized piece or a necklace, bracelet or ring they may wear during the wedding. Trendy knot rings or bracelets are a cute and fun way to say “help me tie the knot! “

Sweet Treats

Any girl loves a sweet treat AND if it is cute and personalized, how can you go wrong?! Think about making it to match your theme and colors of your wedding! How can they say no?

Robes/ Monogrammed Shirts

On your wedding day, most brides chose to get pictures taken during the “getting ready” process. What is cuter than all having matching outfits to get ready in? Ask your favorite girls with a cute robe or button up shirt, that is easy to get ready in, that won’t mess up hair or makeup, once ready!


Are you looking for a good way to end the night out with the girls? Try asking them with a personalized bottle of their favorite wine or champagne! Make it even more fun with a personalized wine glass or drinking glass.

Photo from Jenna + Lakes Wedding photographed by Karli Ryan.